This week's Fresh Deals include: fresh ginger root, perfect for tea, curry, stir-fries, and fresh juice; locally-grown zucchini and creamy Hass avocados, and the current star of the produce section - local finger bananas in 2 varieties! These rare half-sized bananas are a refreshing alternative to the larger supermarket Cavendish bananas, and make for the perfect snack. They have a firm, silky interior, and their flavor is brighter and juicier than those of the Cavendish, with notes of vanilla and honey, too! Talk about a banana flavor explosion.

Selection Tip - these lil bananas have thicker skin than large bananas, so the flesh doesn't bruise very easily, even if the outside looks a bit spotty. You also want to choose bananas that are completely yellow, since any green-ness will mean astringency!



This week's Fresh Deals flyer has an enviable color palette 💜 Get in those anthocyanins with that gorgeous purpley hue on our red cabbage, blackberries, and selection of pluots! And cauliflower, while note colorful, is versatile and nutritious in its own right - add some bright spices for a vibrant meal!

Co-op Curbside temporary service update! ➡️➡️ from 9/5-9/19 morning pickups will be available from 8:30-11am. 🌻🌻 We will resume regular pickup times of 7:30-10am on 9/22.


Not sure whether to say that it's only September, or already September! But either way the calendar page has officially flipped. We have a few fun giveaways planned for the month, including a fancy cheese board sampler from our newly-refreshed cheese selection, seasonal produce baskets, and a coffee bonanza on National Coffee Day. Follow us here and on Instagram to keep up with the freebies, COVID-relevant store updates, our Board of Directors profiles, new items, sales, recipes, and everything else Co-op! And thanks for dutifully wearing your masks while supporting (y)our community-owned grocery store!


Fresh Deals are back after a brief hiatus! Did you miss them? 😉 This week's can't-pass sale item is Farmer Tom's gorgeous local heirloom tomatoes from Shepherd Farms 🍅 Great on sandwiches, in salads, stuffed with rice and roasted, or sliced with a simple sprinkle of salt to bring out their sweet and savory juiciness - tastes just like summer! We also have great deals on green beans, curly kale bunches, and limes!


New Co+op Deals have landed!  These sales are good for everyone, not just Co-op Owners.  Stop in and save big today!  **Hint** check out Co+op Deals Coupons and Manufacturer Coupons in-store for double savings!