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Fresh from the Fields to your Fresh Deals Flyer!
What can we say aside from THANK YOU SUNSHINE for bringing us our first full bounty of locally grown tomatoes!
From Ventura, Carpinteria, and Goleta farmer friends, we've got you covered.
We're also loving our wizard friendly Dragon's Tongue Beans, perfect for a shell-and-cook masterpiece of beany goodness! only $2.39/lb from Roots in Los Olivos.
Little Gems are one of our favorite plastic-free dipping treats! These crunchy and juicy gems make it easy to skip that bag of chips, dipped into home-made hummus for a real treat! Frecker Farms $1.49ea.
Pixie Tangerines are here, from one of our very special old-school growers, Earthtrine Organic Farm! Bidi has been growing in Ojai for over 40 years, and was one of the first farmers to work with the Co-op! EAT HIS PIXIES! $2.69/lb nomnom.
Plus so many summer fruits and vegetables, this is OUR TIME to shine with the Bounty of the County! (worth a trip to the Co-op, trust us!).

These sales are an in-store benefit of our Co-op's membership in the 150+ food co-op strong National Co-op Grocers! You do not have to be a member to receive these great prices, they're for everyone :)

Staff Favorite Sales!

My my it's JULY! And we're really excited for.... PIE!
Especially our delicious (vegan) fruit pies, here and ready for our Apple Pie Tasting! tomorrow! Pick up a fully baked pie, ready to heat and eat, in time for your 4th of July (Jupie?) celebrations!
We're closing EARLY at 7pm on the 4th, so shop early for all of your delicious BBQ and celebration fixings.
Speaking of Early, we're still hanging with the Co-op Early Birds every morning from 8-11am! Spend $15 or more and get a free cup of coffee, tea, or yerba while you shop! Spend $25 or more and enter our monthly $50 gift card raffle!
Are you Hungry? Our Food for All Coalition at UCSB advocates will be on-site beginning 7/11 for CalFresh sign-ups and to share other important food resources.... and we'll be at the Isla Vista Youth ProjectsHealthy School Pantry food distribution that same day. The distro is open to everyone, and you'll leave with a full box of produce and shelf stable foods for the week, along with many resources for your community toolbox.
Get to Know Your Co-op Board of Directors as we move through the summer with some new possible Owner Benefits on the horizon! Learn more about how YOUR VOICE MATTERS in our community-owned grocery store!
And follow some of our (brave) workers as we take on The Plastic Free Challenge, a local, national and GLOBAL awareness-raising month about saying "no" to single-use plastics.
Check out Plastic-Free July at the Co-op! for a full listing of all workshops and tastings that we're hosting, including our upcoming Zero Waste Tasting: Bulk It Up Saturday 10% off and taste event! Bring your containers to REFILL and save 10% on all bulk food purchases all day long.
We're excited for Emily to come over for her Donation Based DIY Herbal Salve Making w/ Artemisia Academy, leave with your own reusable tin and new knowledge for how to make your own again and again.
Sign up on eventbrite for our exciting Zero Waste Workshop: Homemade Wax Wraps and Produce Bags and learn how to turn old clean cloths into reusable wax wrappers for your lunch or office or home!
We'll also be tasting things because they taste good: Immaculate Baking Biscuit and Crescent Roll Demo and the perfect summer Ice Cream Tasting! And have you ever seen a caviar lime? We're now the main location for Good Land Organics super special citrus and we're doing a tasting just to show you how special they are!
Our monthly Lazy Eye Shop Pop-up is always a fun day to come and say hi, and leave with groceries and a one-of-a-kind new look!
Check facebook for more details about this month's Sunflower Kid's Club Activity Day, and don't forget that EVERY day is kid's club with a free piece of local, in season produce for your great shopping helper (aged 2-12). ASK US for your tiny cart if you're shopping with a tiny helper that wants to play grocery store like a big kid!

Fresh from the Fields to your Fresh Deals Flyer!
If you're planning your 4th of July Celebration (or even if you just love the taste of summer), we've got 99cent a pound WATERMELON ready! Seedless minis or Full-sized with seeds (hellooooo seed-spitting contest!)!
We've also got corn two ways, bi-color and yellow, only 99cents each! Add that to your veggie grill with our Fiero Radicchio, only $1.99 each!
Did you know that it's one of the most challenged avocado seasons ever? It's harder every day to source locally or even from far away (some are going for $100/case right now, wow)..... We're proud to be offering locally grown Lamb Hass Avocados and Fuerte Avocados for $3.99/lb, while these precious supplies last.
Produce Manager George has put together a fine list of delicious specials to get you through this holiday weekend with an eye for all things BBQ, picnic, and long summer days and nights! Thanks George! And thank you farmers!
** you might be wondering about the shortage of locally grown tomatoes in the Co-op this summer.... remember that late rain in May, and those gray gray days..? Well sadly many of our farmers have experienced the dreaded tomato blight, a disease that happens when it's just toooooo wet and gray for too long... finger's crossed that with this sunshine we'll get some mid-season gems at the Co-op! For now we're grateful for Beefsteak Tomatoes from Padua Farm in Venture, $1.69/lb and the only local tomatoes we've seen yet...**