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Fresh from the Fields to your Fresh Deals Flyer!
This week we're celebrating Rare Citrus, with some standout items from our local growers as well other California farmers!
Sweet n sour Meyer Lemons are a special take on an old standby. $1.99/lb, grown down the road at Goodland Organics! Also coming in from our friends at Goodland are Blood Oranges, only $2.99/lb!
Ruby Grapefruit is only $1.99/lb, from Sweet Shade Farm in SB, and Tangelos from our long-time farmer friend Mark Kern, goleta grown for only $2.39/lb.
If you love Kumquats you might really love the unique Nagami Kumquat, only $5.99/lb from Beck Grove. Plus Pink Lemons, only $1.99/'b AND Lavender Gem Grapefruits only 49cents EACH.
Not citrus but so delicious with a squeeze of meyer lemon and a sprinkle of pink peppercorns, Los Olivos Roots Farm Puntarelle is meant for coating in La Riojana Olive Oil (limited quantity available for the season!), roasting, and devouring. Trust us!
Mix it up and make the most beautiful citrus centerpiece you've ever seen! Or maybe a lavender lemon grapefruit juice that's sure to blast any cold from your body.
OH FARMERS we adore you and your endless ability to keep our produce rack fun, delicious, and super in-season with your finest bounty.
Last week 31% of total produce dollars were spent directly with Tri-County farmers!

These sales are an in-store benefit of our Co-op's membership in the 150+ food co-op strong National Co-op Grocers! You do not have to be a member to receive these great prices, they're for everyone :)


Fresh from the Fields to your Fresh Deals Flyer!
This week we are full of farmworker & home healthy flowers for you or your favorite Valentine! Locally grown & harvested, certified organic or unsprayed, we have 200 bouquets ready for you.
We believe that LOVE is most in the air when we're loving the workers who are growing and picking your flowers for this day! And loving that these healthy and happy flowers end up your home without being coated in toxic sprays and chemicals.
Including beautiful mixed bouquets from Florabundance in Carpinteria for $17.99 (assorted flowers) and cutie bouquets from Sun Rose Designs in SB from $7.99-$9.99 each.
Local flower farmer/forager Ariana of Sun Rose Designs will be here on thursday making more bouquets on the patio, from her wild harvested and home-grown supply of native and magical herbs, flowers, and plants.
Click through to see images of flowers and prices!
Our Produce Team has also put together a medley of sweet specials that are sure to sweeten your week, including Passion Fruit for 99 cents each from our friends at Harvest Moon Farm in Carp!
Blood Oranges for $2.99/ll and delicious tropical Cherimoyas for only $5.99/lb, both from right up Farron Road in Goleta at Good Land Organics!
Last week we spent 28% of total produce dollars directly from farmers in the Tri-County Area! Let's see how this week grows with our flowers!
*all Co-op produce is organically grown or unsprayed unless otherwise indicated*

Come hang out with our Youth Coordinator Lauren, Saturday Feb 16th from 11:30am- 2:00pm!

We'll be making homemade cards, playing an array of games, and of course their will be healthy snacks to enjoy! and a 10% off coupon for the guardians :)