Co-op Curbside is our way of helping support the most vulnerable populations in our community, as well offering a pathway for easily accessible grocery pickup with a real person on the other end of your order, who cares about what's going into your grocery bag. It's contactless, but it's not faceless!
We're also proud to offer our full online shopping cart filled with access to local, organic produce from your favorite SB County farmers and beyond, as well affordable pantry-stocking Co+op Basics and more.
Fresh Deals Friday is in with some tasty seasonal goodies! We have artichokes for your late-spring feast, or sunny yellow watermelon 💛🍉 for your early-summer one (it's all about your perspective). Grab a taste of Ojai citrus in the form of bright and tart Star Ruby grapefruit. And we have our delicious, perennially fresh Spring Mix on sale - remember, you can take a custom amount of any of our baby greens using tongs to partition your desired quantity from the pre-bagged greens on our shelf! 🥗

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Even with most college students now finishing the school year away from Isla Vista, the I.V. Food Co-op is still making a big impact.
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Thank you to our community for seeing our work and helping shine a big light!

Looking for Co-op Curbside Shopping?

We are experiencing some delays in our web cart service due to technical difficulties within our system database.  We are opening order days as we can, but we can't guarantee any specific order or pickup days until we have worked through this current issue.  We expect this issue will last through Saturday, and are working as fast as possible to be fully back in service for next week's regular curbside days of Tuesday-Saturday.  

5/21 Update:  Online orders not available for tomorrow pickup.  
We expect to open online access tomorrow mid-morning for saturday pickups, and should be back to full Tuesday-Saturday service next week!

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we've leaped into online ordering in the fastest possible turnaround, to support our community during this real time of need.  And we assure you we're working as quickly as possible to be fully back in service, hopefully next week.  Thank you!

Today's Fresh Deals come entirely from Santa Barbara and Ventura County farms! We've got tender (but massive!) heads of lettuce and spring favorite fava beans from Blosser Urban Garden, luscious blackberries from Rancho La Familia Inc., and Pixie tangerines from Big Bagga Walnuts in the Ojai Valley!  Thank you, amazing local farmers!

These sales are an in-store benefit of our Co-op's membership in the 150+ food co-op strong National Co-op Grocers! You do not have to be a member to receive these great prices, they're for everyone :)

Thank you for your understanding when some sale items are not available at this time.

See below for some favorite sales highlights - everything from snack options to filling, quick meals to delectable desserts!