Fresh from the Fields to your Fresh Deals Flyer! 
So how about mini pumpkins from the amazing Rancho San Julian in Lompoc! 99cents each, perfect for your holiday table. 
You can also visit their pumpkin patch, it's their first year having visitors to the farm to pick pumpkins! We're also so happy to offer organically grown marigold bunches for your holiday altar or beautiful fall decor. $9.99 each from our wonderful Harvest Moon Farm in Carpinteria! 
And as summer has just passed to fall, we love that watermelons are still around.. 99cents/lb from the amazing Frecker Farms in Carpinteria. 
Click through to the flyer for all of your amazing deals, what a week in produce!

These sales are an in-store benefit of our Co-op's membership in the 150+ food co-op strong National Co-op Grocers! You do not have to be a member to receive these great prices, they're for everyone :)

Fresh from the fields to your weekly Fresh Deals Flyer!
This week we're grateful for The Garden of and Farmer Shu's commitment to not only growing the highest quality produce, but also to mentoring the next generation of young farmers.
Taste his famous Little Gem baby lettuces this week, on special for 99cents each! Perfect for dipping into Co-op Kitchen hummus as an alternate to chips!
And we're excited to bring BroccoLeaf onto the produce rack! On special this week for $2.49 each!
"For years, broccoli leaves have been considered a crown jewel of soil nutrition for its nutrients and cleansing properties. It turns out that what’s good for the earth is good for the body as it’s also a magical delicious power food veggie."
Thank you to our feature farmers: Ebby's Organic FarmFrecker Farms, Harvest Moon Farm, Ellwood Canyon Farms

Your RSVP includes a delicious catered dinner and an entry into our raffle! Co-op gift cards, swag, and more! You must be present to win :) 

Dinner provided by Super Cucas and our Co-op Kitchen! We will have gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and omni options :)

As stated by our Isla Vista Food Cooperative By-laws, we gather annually as a general Member-Owner body for the opportunity to hear about the Co-op's financial position, and strategic community visioning plans.

This year, also meet community partners and hear about how the Co-op's Strategic Priorities are helping impact our wider community! AND offer your VOTE for our 2018 Articles of Incorporation Update!

Come have a meal, learn about your co-op, meet neighbors and friends in the community that co-own your grocery store with you, and share your ideas and thoughts with your Board of Directors and key managers!

October is Fair Trade Month!
Did you know that you as a consumer can have a positive impact on social and economic equity within the global food system?  A great place to start is by looking for Fair Trade certifications on product labels during your next shopping trip. Many of our favorite food items—Coffee!  Chocolate!  Sugar!  Coconuts! & Bananas!—are sourced from outside the US, often from countries in the Global South where fair labor and wage standards may be scarce or poorly-enforced in the face of international business interests.  Widespread exploitation often results from these power dynamics. Thus, the Fair Trade movement’s basic goal is to prevent exploitation by guaranteeing producers in developing countries a fair price for their products,  ensuring the ethical treatment of workers, and encouraging environmentally sustainable production practices. 
 There are many organizations that offer Fair Trade certification, and the process involves a thorough audit by a third-party, Click HERE to learn more. 
There are also multiple Fair Trade logos to watch out for while grocery shopping which can help guide your purchasing practices toward more fair, & equitable options whenever possible. Trade certifications vary slightly from one company to the next! Click HERE for a useful guide to each logo’s specific standards, Fair 

Your Dollars Doing Good:
Alter Eco, Equal Exchange, Dr. Bronner’s and more! Your dollars are supporting ethically-minded companies and the hard-working farmers they partner with for shared success!
Talk & Taste:
Learn about how the Co-op supports Fair Trade every day during our Fair Trade Coffee & Banana Bread Break or Chocolate Tasting!
-Allison, Sustainability Coordinator @ Isla Vista Food Co-op

These sales are an in-store benefit of our Co-op's membership in the 150+ food co-op strong National Co-op Grocers! You do not have to be a member to receive these great prices, they're for everyone :)