Fresh from the Fields to your Fresh Deals Flyer! We're sorry for a late post, it's a hectic week here at the Co-op getting everything ready for UC Santa Barbara's graduation weekend!
We're overflowing with flowers, succulents, edible Crane Kale bouquets, and even potted succulent bunches, so your home or your graduate can weekend in STYLE.
Ariana Rose will also be here on Friday, hand-crafting her incredible wild bouquets and succulent boutonnieres! Her cutie bouquets are only $8.99 each, all non-toxic, grown in her yard in Santa Barbara.
We're heading right into summer with a locally grown produce line-up of your season favorites, including cucumbers and dill (on special for 69cents a bunch!) from Frecker Farms and Persian Cukes ($2.39/lb) from Ebby's Organic Farm!
FIRST SEASON local Beefsteak tomatoes from Padua Farms in Ventura only $2.39/lb and special White Mulberry cups from Ebby's Organic Farm in Goleta.
Local potatoes are also coming in, from Roots farm in Los Olivos! Colorado Rose Reds are $1.49/lb and Amarosa Red Fingerlings are $2.39/lb.
END OF SEASON: Cherimoyas! last days of this exotic tropical banana custard fruit, only $4.99/lb from Sea Star Orchards in SB.
Oh produce seasons, you are so amazing because changes lead to more and more delicious things. And more produce $ staying local! Last week 41% of total produce $ were spend directly with Tri-County Farmers!

These sales are an in-store benefit of our Co-op's membership in the 150+ food co-op strong National Co-op Grocers! You do not have to be a member to receive these great prices, they're for everyone :)

Our Top Favorite Sales!

Fresh from the Fields to your Fresh Deals Flyer!
This week we're celebrating things to dip into things, and things that help your brain boost! (yes, it's finals time for our UCSB community):
So---> eat blueberries, especially locally grown organic, from Bella Vista Farms in Carpinteria! they are juicy and sweet and tart and full of antioxidants! only $3.99/ea
Dip--> Sugar Snap Peas! (into Co-op hummus), only $5.49/lb from Roots Farm in Los Olivos. or delicious beta-carotene packed carrots from Frecker Farms, only $1.69/lb!
Wrap it up or make it a salad --> Assorted Lettuce Heads only $1.69ea from farmers all over Goleta and SB. Also Romaine Hearts only 99cents each!
and our most special of specials: CRANE KALE! only $3.99 each for an edible bouquet! from our darling farmer Miguel of Ebby's Organic Farm, are so excited about these!
Last week 31% of total produce purchases were made directly from our tri-county farmers!
Are you Graduating? look for our UNIQUE and WILD CRAFTED locally grown, organic, bouquets and boutonnieres starting this weekend! always non-toxic, always farm-worker friendly!

Boom. June. Can you believe it? It's our month of goodbye and hello, as we get ready for another UCSB graduation and another turn around of our beloved community, welcoming in our next neighbors!
We're closing out the school with a delicious lineup of wonderful events! Our A Dozen Cousins Tasting kicks us off, and then we're Bulk Favorites Tasting, Finals Study Snack Tasting, Seasonal Produce Tasting, and heading right into Summer with a Smores Tasting (check back for event details).
If you're heading to the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Parade, stop by our FREE! Sunflower Kids Activity Day! to make your hanging jellyfish to bring along! or pop in for our monthly Lazy Eye Shop Pop-up for a new-to-you summer look!
You'll also see us around Isla Vista and UCSB with our quarterly Finals Survival Snack Attack surprise pop-up (where will we be???)! And come to the Co-op all next week (June 9-13th) for a FREE cup of Pachamama Coffee or Guayakí Yerba Mate from 11am-3pm.
Are you hungry? Don't forget about the Isla Vista Youth Projects Healthy School Pantry food distribution event on June 13th, and weekly Food Not Bombs - Isla Vista free community meal. We also support the Saturday Community Breakfast here at People's Park. These events continue over the summer.
NEW: Artemisia Academy Community Supported Herbs Box: info@artemesiaacademy to learn more!
NEW: Get Hooked Seafood Community Supported Fish! Now available for pickup at the Co-op every TUESDAY from 4-7pm beginning June 18th! visit to sign up today, Co-op Owners receive a $10 off coupon for your sign-up!
Fresh from the Fields to your Fresh Deals Flyer!
Last week 36% of our total produce purchases were made directly from Tri-County farmers!
Our cold and wet Winter has brought us an early Summer gift: STONE FRUIT! and our mild May has also extended citrus season, so our produce rack is a multi-season bounty!
Local, Sweet and Rare: Our Black Tartarian Cherries from Burkdoll Farm in Visalia are AMAZING! Only $3.49 for a 1/2 pound, perfect for a lunch by the ocean. We're also stocking Burkdoll's first season Flavorosa Plums for $2.99/lb! Plus first season apricots from Old River Farms, only $3.69/lb!
Taste Goleta grown Tangelos from Mark Kern for $1.99/lb, and savor the end of Cherimoya season from Sea Star Orchards, only $4.99/lb!
And did you know? We're now the go-to source for Caviar Limes (Finger Limes) in SB County! From our friends at Good Land Organics, available for retail purchase or Special Orders if you're a local chef in need. Email Produce Manager George for more information:

Fresh from the Fields to your Fresh Deals Flyer!
We are celebrating the jump in our Farm Direct purchases as our Spring growing season jumps into high gear! Last week 36% of total produce purchases were direct from Tri-County Farmers! This means that there was no middle person, no distributor, and no person between the hands of our farmer and our produce crew!
Celebrate Farm-Direct with this week's beautiful locally grown Purple Green Onions from our friends at Harvest Moon Farm in Carpinteria! Use just like green onions, only $1.69 per bunch! Stir Fry with beautiful Rainbow Chard from Miguel and Lorena at Ebby's Organic Farm in Goleta, only $1.49 a bunch!
We're also so excited for a quick supply of FIRST SEASON Brooks Cherries! Coming from Burkdoll Farm via Harvest Santa Barbara, an early-season intro price of $7.39/lb. Cherries are hard to grow and hard to pick, and we are sure grateful to the hands that patiently pick little cherry after cherry to make a whole pound!
And BLUEBERRIES only $3.99 for a pint grown with organic practices. This means a healthier blueberry for you, our earth, and the farmworkers who pick these berries for your belly.