Coming to the Country Fair? Fear Isla Vista Parking?...

Have no fear! We've secured an ENTIRE parking lot, right across the street from the Co-op! Any Country Fair attendees may park for FREE at St. Athanasius Church from 11am-4pm! All cars must be out of the parking lot at 4:30pm at the latest, or we'll get in trouble (and jeapordize our chances of using this lot for special events again). If you are heading around the business loop from Embarcadero del Norte, the Church parking lot is on your right (it's on the loop), just after the stop sign at Super Cucas (across the street from the Pita Pit).

BEWARE OF THE ROAD CLOSURE at Pardall Road and Embarcadero del Mar! If you are driving into Isla Vista, it is recommended that you enter via Storke Road, and head down El Colegio until Camino Pescadero (the first street after the light at Los Carneros). Make a right turn, and head toward the ocean until Trigo Road (Seville Road will be closed to through traffic because we'll be Country Fair-ing it up). Make a left at Trigo, follow it until Embarcadero del Mar--the first cross street-- (Bagel Cafe is on the corner), and head in a left-ish direction, but make a sharp right into the Church Parking Lot.

You'll be asked to give the person in the parking lot entrance your name and phone number, and to put a Country Fair Ticket into your dashboard. This way, we'll know how to find you if your car is still in the lot after 4:30pm.

YAY!! Parking!

call the Co-op at 968-1401 and ask for Melissa if you have any questions.