a note from the store manager

thank you to those who have taken the time to fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey. We are hoping to receive many more responses, so as to gain a better understanding of what the Co-op is doing well, and can be doing better. From the first 20 responses that have been received, I would like to encourage further dialogue amongst those customers who feel that the Co-op can better serve in some areas. Please email marketing@islavistafood.coop if you would like to engage in a dialogue that can, at the very least, offer you more perspective from the Co-op management on why certain things are the way they are. One thing that was found alarming: to any customers with food allergies, it is encouraged for you to NOT shop out of the Co-op bulk bins. We cannot, and will not, guarantee that at any point from warehouse to bulk bin that these items haven't been exposed to an allergen that may aggravate your dietary restriction. We cannot assume that in warehouse processing cross-contamination hasn't occured, nor in the stocking of bins at the store. If you have a gluten, grain, or nut allergy, you should not buy from bulk bins in any store. This is a common warning in any store that sells items in bulk (unless specified as an allergen free business), as cross contamination is almost a guarantee when working with innumerable allergens in a small space. For more information please contact marketing@islavistafood.coop, and set up a meeting with melissa, our store manager. again, thank you for your feedback. We feel blessed to be running a growing business in times of economic change, and are looking forward to more years of growth in our community. Please stop by and introduce yourself. And do consider becoming more involved with your Cooperative: there is no substitute for more hands in the kitchen when endeavoring to feed many.
in cooperation,
melissa cohen
store manager and director of education