We Have Really Awesome Gift Baskets

just in case you need/want to buy gifts for people and you want to buy them here instead of there. here are some pictures of a few of them:

"a romantic night in" basket, also assured to lead to a romantic morning having headaches together :)

"i like to do things myself" basket, perfect for the DIY (do-it-yourself) person in your life. includes matches, twine, cheesecloth, jars, and our fave DIY book!

"i miss my mom" basket, filled with our favorite comforting things.

these are one-of-a-kind baskets (meaning we only made one of each), so you'll be guaranteed to be giving a gift that no one else will :) we have some others not pictured here (wine and chocolate, the "you're a giant hippie" basket, "me want cookies and milk" basket, and more!), not to mention tons of other gift items that are sure to bring a smile to the face of the ones you love. happy holidays! love, your co-op.