Did you know...

that we have one of the most locally grown produce departments in the Tri-Counties? As of today, October 31, 55% of the money that we spend on purchasing produce is going to local farmers. Our Produce Manager, Shawn McMahon, has taken this Co-op into a new direction regarding how many farmers we are supporting throughout the year. Thanks Shawn! Look for an even larger local $$ percentage as the growing climate heads toward winter. We are anticipating a 70% local purchase rate! You can help us keep our percentage of local purchasing as high as possible, by making sure to buy our local options whenever possible (a great example of this is bananas: yes, we source organic fair-trade bananas almost all the time, but did you know that when in season we also have LOCAL BANANAS from Carpenteria grower Lee Talbert and Goleta grower Norman Beard? They look different, teeny tiny, but they make up for their smallness with their big flavor!).

November Co-op Advantage Sales Flier!


Happy November. It's Pie Time! Don't forget, this sales flier is only ONE of the many types of sales at your Co-op. Look for the goldenrod colored in-store sale signs, as well as our 100 Member-Advantage Sales (these sales change throughout the month).

Co-op in the News!

The Co-op Country Fair made it onto the SB Independent's website today. I was gunning for being in print in the Indie, mostly because one of the editor's themselves said that their publication doesn't ever write about Isla Vista in the paper unless it's (bad) news... but at least we got something! Check out the link to see the Indie's take on something positive and community-oriented happening in our little town.


If you didn't make the Country Fair...

you missed the BEST event in the history of the Co-op. Thank you to everyone who came to table, to hang out, to volunteer, to work, to dance, to play... THANK YOU! We estimated that about 1,000 people came and went throughout the day! This event exceeded our expectations beyond our wildest dreams! If anyone missed the annual meeting, I will be posting a link to the PDF of the annual report, so you can download it at your leisure. These pictures do not do justice to the absolute hilarity and amazingness of this incredibly successful community event. We also made it on the 11 o'clock news on KEYT!! When I find the video, it will certainly be uploaded. P.S. we've already decided to do it again next year. AWESOME!!!!!! Did I mention that this was AWESOME?!?!?!?! If you are someone who was here and took any pictures that you'd like to share, I'm compiling all pictures into a Country Fair Scrapbook, and I'd love to include everyone's shots. Please email marketing@islavistafood.coop (you'll be credited as the photographer in the book).

It's Country Fair & Annual Membership Meeting Time!

Come to the Co-op Country Fair and Annual Membership Meeting! Bring your bike and Bici Centro will teach you how to tune it up! Dance to the tunes of local bluegrass and ragtime bands! Pet a turkey! Carve a pumpkin! Which square will the goat poop on?... guess right and win a prize! State of the Cooperative Meeting at High Noon! Come and hear about what's been happening at your Co-op, including future plans! Wear a costume! Come hang out with us on Saturday, October 25th from 11am-4pm, right here at the Co-op and on Seville Road. Thanks to KCSB 91.9FM and AS Recycling for helping us make this the best dang event ever!

The Bake-Off Revealed!

In preparation for the Country Fair this Saturday, I'm posting the updated entry form so you all can get the first look at what information will be required upon entering the competition. I've changed things slightly, so you can see the categories that we will be judging on. Don't worry about printing this form and bringing it here, there will be lots of them at the bake-off table at the Fair (you need to fill one out upon entering your baked good). If you are entering, we must have your entry on the table by 2pm, as judging commences at 3pm. See you at the Country Fair!

Coming to the Country Fair? Fear Isla Vista Parking?...

Have no fear! We've secured an ENTIRE parking lot, right across the street from the Co-op! Any Country Fair attendees may park for FREE at St. Athanasius Church from 11am-4pm! All cars must be out of the parking lot at 4:30pm at the latest, or we'll get in trouble (and jeapordize our chances of using this lot for special events again). If you are heading around the business loop from Embarcadero del Norte, the Church parking lot is on your right (it's on the loop), just after the stop sign at Super Cucas (across the street from the Pita Pit).

BEWARE OF THE ROAD CLOSURE at Pardall Road and Embarcadero del Mar! If you are driving into Isla Vista, it is recommended that you enter via Storke Road, and head down El Colegio until Camino Pescadero (the first street after the light at Los Carneros). Make a right turn, and head toward the ocean until Trigo Road (Seville Road will be closed to through traffic because we'll be Country Fair-ing it up). Make a left at Trigo, follow it until Embarcadero del Mar--the first cross street-- (Bagel Cafe is on the corner), and head in a left-ish direction, but make a sharp right into the Church Parking Lot.

You'll be asked to give the person in the parking lot entrance your name and phone number, and to put a Country Fair Ticket into your dashboard. This way, we'll know how to find you if your car is still in the lot after 4:30pm.

YAY!! Parking!

call the Co-op at 968-1401 and ask for Melissa if you have any questions.

Co-op Basic Needs Program

Many of you are probably familiar with the Co-op Basic Needs Program, which rolled out in August of 2007. As the global food crisis has escalated, your Co-op has made every possible effort to maintain competitive pricing for our customers on what we consider to be pantry stocking staples for your kitchen, by reducing the retail prices of these items (and making just enough profit to cover the labor necessary to get these items from truck to shelf). Basic Needs items don't include very much packaged food items, but focus more on staple goods that you can use to create meals of your own. You won't find frozen organic cheese pizza on our Basic Needs list. Click on the link provided to download a PDF of our current Basic Needs brochure, including all the new items added today!


New York Times Michael Pollan Article

this article has crossed my desk and email about 10 times since yesterday. i guess that means that you should read it too!


The Food Issue: Farmer in Chief
What the next president can and should do to remake the way we grow and eat our food.

Fall Newsletter PDF!

follow the link to download the PDF of our Fall Newsletter.

October Sales Flier Download!

okay, so this is the best I can do to share the current Co-op Advantage Sales Flier with all of you. Click on the above like and you will be taken to a fileshare website, where you can download the PDF of our current CAP Sales Flier. Please leave a comment on the Blog if you are having trouble accessing the flier. Thanks!

Co-ops Rock!

This video was made in conjunction with the National Cooperative Grocer's Association and several Midwest Co-ops in response to the outpouring of assistance offered to farmers impacted by the floods of 2008. We are all connected.

A Man and His Pumpkin Patch

Here's Shawn, our Produce Manager, resting after hauling and stacking heirloom pumpkins to create our beautiful patio pumpkin patch! That hay bale is just screaming for a photo op!

it's time for PUMPKINS!

come to the Co-op starting this afternoon for beautiful organically grown heirloom and jack-o-lantern pumpkins! we are setting up a mini pimpkin patch on the patio, so you'll be able to pick out your pumpkin more easily. it's harvest time!

We Love Avocados!

This weekend is the annual Carpenteria Avocado Festival! In honor of the Brown Family, our awesome local avodaco supplier (and top honor winner of the Biggest Avocado Competition last year), we want you to follow this link to learn more about the Mother Tree of Haas avocados! So cool!

Watch This!

Go Co-op!

www.go.coop has just been relaunched to celebrate Co-op Month! Visit www.go.coop to learn more about why shopping at a Co-op makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
And then stop by the Isla Vista Food Co-op and eat a sandwich!
We love you.

Happy Co-op Month!

October is National Co-op Month!
Each October, cooperatives all across the U.S. and Canada celebrate the role, accomplishments and contributions of cooperatives. The annual celebrations play a key role in promoting cooperatives to our members, the public and policy makers. Through a combination of media outreach, member education, and interaction with policy makers, co-op month events help raise the visibility of your cooperative, and improve public understanding of cooperatives.Research shows that when consumers know a business is a cooperative, they are more likely to do business with it. Though each cooperative chooses how to celebrate and promote its work during October, each year a planning committee of national cooperative associations representing cooperatives of all types develops a national, unified theme and provides supporting materials that help individual co-ops celebrate their accomplishments. Reflecting the diversity of the cooperative sector, and the community-wide nature of Cooperative Month, the committee works together to fund, develop and implement Co-op Month activities.
from http://www.co-opmonth.coop/
This year, Isla Vista Food Co-op will be utilizing Co-op Month as a means of educating our customers about why shopping Co-op is so awesome! Stop by late next week to pick up your Co-op Month newsletter and read more stories of Co-op successes!
Then come to our first ever Country Fair and Annual General Membership Gathering on October 25th (11am-4pm) to learn from other local community groups, take part in hands-on demonsrations and workshops, and listen to the State of the Cooperative report at High Noon!