a shout out...

to all of our friends far and wide, past and present co-operators who are no longer within walking, biking, skateboarding, or lazy morning pajama driving distance to the Co-op. we love you always. and to all of those epic co-operators who can't imagine life without a little food co-op in their midst, for their morning yerba mate, afternoon sandwich, and evening uncle eddie's run, thanks for getting us into our (almost!) 36th year of business. A happy and healthy new year to all.

and a special shoutout to ken at hanover co-op! i know you're reading this, you webgeek.

with love,
your motley co-op crew.
who are all perfect just they way we are, just like calvin ;)

Co-op's Rock!


it's neat.
check it out!
made by cooperating teens for cooperating teens.

And Then Santa Barabara Listened...

The Co-op is going to be one of the first Santa Barbara County Certified Green Businesses! We've been working with The County Green Business Coordinator, Frances Gilliland since August, not only going through the checklists within the store, but also helping work through some final drafts to make the program user friendly for other retail businesses. We are so honored to have been asked to help, and as of yesterday the Program is officially up and running. We're awaiting our "certified" sticker, so look for it within the next few days in the Co-op. Click on the link to watch a short video, made for other businesses applying to the program. We're in it! (blue tarp on the patio and all... and we thought it would fade into obscurity quickly...)

We Have Really Awesome Gift Baskets

just in case you need/want to buy gifts for people and you want to buy them here instead of there. here are some pictures of a few of them:

"a romantic night in" basket, also assured to lead to a romantic morning having headaches together :)

"i like to do things myself" basket, perfect for the DIY (do-it-yourself) person in your life. includes matches, twine, cheesecloth, jars, and our fave DIY book!

"i miss my mom" basket, filled with our favorite comforting things.

these are one-of-a-kind baskets (meaning we only made one of each), so you'll be guaranteed to be giving a gift that no one else will :) we have some others not pictured here (wine and chocolate, the "you're a giant hippie" basket, "me want cookies and milk" basket, and more!), not to mention tons of other gift items that are sure to bring a smile to the face of the ones you love. happy holidays! love, your co-op.

Food Democracy Now!


Dear President-Elect Obama,
We congratulate you on your historic victory and welcome the change that your election promises to usher in for our nation. As leaders in the sustainable agriculture and rural advocacy community we supported you in record numbers during the caucus, primary and general election because of the family farm-friendly policies that you advocated during your campaign.

As our nation’s future president, we hope that you will take our concerns under advisement when nominating our next Secretary of Agriculture because of the crucial role this Secretary will play in revitalizing our rural economies, protecting our nation’s food supply and our environment, improving human health and well-being, rescuing the independent family farmer, and creating a sustainable renewable energy future.

We believe that our nation is at a critical juncture in regard to agriculture and its impact on the environment and that our next Secretary of Agriculture must have a broad vision for our collective future that is greater than what past appointments have called for..."
---courtesty of www.fooddemocracynow.org---

Follow the link at the top of this post to be directed the full text of the above letter/petition to President-Elect Obama, regarding what we hope can result in his appointment of a sustainably minded Secretary of Agriculture. His decision will hold direct importance to the future of your ability to have access to not only the most locally grown and organic foods possible, but also access to the small farmers who grow it. Check it out!