An Opportunity for a Dedicated Isla Vistan:

This just came to me from Gabe over at Isla Vista Recreation and Park District:


Here is a chance to make a difference & get involved in your community. Isla Vista Recreation and Park District is now accepting applications for two Isla Vista public members to serve on each of the following committees: Finance, Personnel & Policy and Ordinance Committees. Members will serve on this committee until January 2010. To apply, submit a 1-pg letter explaining why you should be selected, must include your name, address and phone number. Selected applicants are required to complete a financial conflict of interest statement. Applications must be received at the District Office, 961 Embarcadero Del Mar, IV 93117, by 5 PM on 02/10/09. Additional information is available at the District Office, 968-2017.

Just so you know.