The Peanut Recall and Your Co-op.

As the Peanut recall becomes more and more far reaching, we wanted to take a minute to clarify what's been affected, still being affected, and what the Co-op is doing to alleviate any consumer concern.

First and foremost: the Co-op receives notifications every day about products that have been affected. This is the same for any recall notice, not just in this massive peanut butter recall instance.

We IMMEDIATELY pull affected items. There is never an instance where we second guess a recall notice, no matter what. Anomalies only occur as more items are added into a recall, as companies notice that they are sourcing from a place in question.

You'll notice that we no longer have certain trail mixes, energy bars, candy bars, and wraps available. Any items pulled in conjunction with the recall of peanuts/peanut paste have been labeled as such.

If you have purchased any of these items within the past month, you are entitled to a full refund for your uneaten product. Please bring your purchase to the Co-op, where you will be issued an immediate refund.

If you have more questions about products and companies that have been affected, please visit the FDA website at
this is updated almost daily to keep consumers aware of the current situation.

You can also check out the "Peanut Recall Information Board" in the front of the store, next to our Customer Comment feedback area. This board has information including up-to-date product recalls (and companies that have NOT been affected) and general information about the larger implications of this recall in terms of our nations food security.

You will also notice that the Co-op still has a full shelf of organic peanut butter, and peanuts for grinding. These items have NOT been affected by the recall, and are totally safe to eat.

If you have any questions concerning your Co-op and the recall, please email or call 968-1401 and ask for melissa.