How Does Your Garden Grow...?

in your backyard? on your windowsill or balcony? in your kitchen? well, wherever you grow your garden, know that this planting season you can find an assortment of Certified Organic seed packs, organic compost and potting soil, peet pellets, and more, right here at the Co-op! Our Produce Manager Shawn is an avid gardener, and he's decided to create a garden center right here at the Co-op, so that access to all of these items is right here in our little neighborhood. If you've never grown anything before, this is a great opportunity to stick some seeds in the ground (or in a pot) and watch them grow! Stop by the Co-op today and see our beautiful Seeds of Change rack right on the front patio. Look out for opportunities to show off your garden right at the Co-op on our soon-to-be-created garden inspiration board! It's never too late to grow some food.