Co-op Advantage Coupon Book

For the first time, I'm uploading an electronic version of the Co-op Advantage Coupon Book. You can download and print coupons at your leisure, or just see what's available and pick up coupons in-store. These coupons are for everyone, so enjoy the savings! p.s. oftentimes we'll have sales that directly correspond with these coupons, so that means double savings!

April Member-Owner Advantage Sales!

Click the link to download your April Owner Advantage Sales Flier.

This is the most Owner Sales we've ever crammed onto one sheet of paper! It's because we love you so much. And don't forget about your Owner Apprecation Coupon rolling out on April 13th!

April Co-op Advantage Flier

Click the link to download the current sales flier for April. Co-op Advantage Sales are for everyone, not only owners. Click Here!

And don't forget to look for our Spring Coupon Books now available in store. Lots of coupons match up with sales, so you can get double savings!

Spring Break Hours

sorry this is being posted a few days late...
We'll be opening at 9am and closing at 8pm through Saturday
Back to regular hours on Sunday (8am-11pm)

If you haven't been out to the store in a while, Spring Break is a great week to come out to Isla Vista (the town is really empty). Here's a great idea: create a picnic lunch and head down to the beautiful beach for an afternoon of low-key sunshine!

The Isla Vista Food Co-op Loves Organic Gardens.

so do they, as it now stands!

p.s. please take the Customer Satisfaction Survey if you haven't yet.  We want to know more about what you want to see at our little Co-op. If you don't tell us, who will?Click Here to take survey

HR 875

I've been getting some questions regarding HR875 and what it could potentially mean for organic farmers, backyard gardeners, CSA farms, and the like. There are a lot of rumors being passed around, and I want to stress that hysteria won't be very productive in the face of these changes. In fact, a lot of HR875 makes sense in the current factory-farmed food system within which most of this country operates. Please take a few minutes to check out the following sources, and then take another minute to write a letter to your Congressional Representative. Many of the other Co-ops that I've been talking with are of the opinion that this bill has no chance of passing, but at least we can raise some awareness.

Please click this link to be directed to the Organic Consumer's Association website. They are doing a great job of offering calm insight, while still offering the facts.

Click on this link to be directed to the Action Alert.

Click on this link to be directed to the most current status of the bill in congress.

Alice Waters on 60 Minutes!

this takes a minute to load once you click "play", but it'll work, i promise!

Watch CBS Videos Online

more food in the news... of the important nature.

"Despite Legal Setback, Raw Almond Fight Continues
The Cornucopia Institute

The dismissal, on technical grounds, by a federal court judge on Monday of a lawsuit challenging the USDA’s raw almond pasteurization mandate will likely not end the controversy.

“The court’s decision sidestepped the merits and substance of the lawsuit,” said Will Fantle of The Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin-based family farm research group and organizer of the almond lawsuit..."

click the link to read the whole article from the Cornucopia Institute

your daily dose of food in the news...

Here's a great story about our First Lady, new to the job, but already putting food in the forefront. Kind of awesome.

How Does Your Garden Grow...?

in your backyard? on your windowsill or balcony? in your kitchen? well, wherever you grow your garden, know that this planting season you can find an assortment of Certified Organic seed packs, organic compost and potting soil, peet pellets, and more, right here at the Co-op! Our Produce Manager Shawn is an avid gardener, and he's decided to create a garden center right here at the Co-op, so that access to all of these items is right here in our little neighborhood. If you've never grown anything before, this is a great opportunity to stick some seeds in the ground (or in a pot) and watch them grow! Stop by the Co-op today and see our beautiful Seeds of Change rack right on the front patio. Look out for opportunities to show off your garden right at the Co-op on our soon-to-be-created garden inspiration board! It's never too late to grow some food.

March Member-Owner Advantage Sales!

Click on the link provided to download a copy of the current Member-Owner Advantage Sales. Remember, you must be a current owner of the Co-op to partake in these sales. Look for special Owner-Only Case Specials (indicated on the flier) starting this month! appreciation sale march.pdf

March Co-op Advantage Sales Flier!

Click the link provided to download the current Co-op Advantage (CAP) Sales Flier. These sales are for everyone! Starting this month, look for awesome case deals on some CAP sale items as well. For March, we are offering super sales on Eden Beans, Almond Breeze, and Hemp Milk. Buy in bulk and save!