Owner Appreciation will Appreciate You In One More Way...

To the 342 Co-op Owners who redeemed their Appreciation Coupons over the last two weeks, here's a reminder that you will be entered into our Owner Raffle and may win one of three awesome prizes:

1st prize: a $75.00 Co-op Gift Certificate
2nd prize: a zero-waste gift basket
3rd prize: a fair trade gift basket

So, keep your phone lines open, because if we pick your coupon, we'll be calling with the good news!

USDA People's Garden!

click the links to read up on the latest information about the USDA People's Garden! It's really happening. This is even more exciting than watching Michelle Obama break ground at the White House for their Victory Garden!


Ready to start your own? Come to the Co-op for all of your garden planting needs: we have organic compost, 100% natural potting soil, organic seed packets, row covers, peat moss pellets, and now, a lot of veggie and herb starts! Grow Grow Garden Grow!

Board Meeting: Wednesday May 6th @ the Co-op

Click here to download the agenda. As we get more involved in our Co-op's possible expansion and/or relocation planning project, these meetings are becoming very interesting and informative. If you have a vested interest in the future of your Co-op, please come to a Board Meeting so you know what's happening! All meetings happen behind the Co-op, unless otherwise indicated. Hope to see you there!

Don't Forget

Owner Appreciation Coupons are in full effect now through Sunday! Save 10% off any shopping purchase. Pick up your coupon in-store at the front registers. If you want to place a Special Order (you'll save 20% on any case purchase with your coupon), it needs to be in the store with the Thursday delivery (order deadline 10am tomorrow). Just so you know :)

Organic Dairy Scorecard

How does your dairy measure up? Click here to check out the Cornucopia Institute's Dairy Scorecard.

Now Available on Twitter.

It's true. You can follow our exploits in our wonderful world of cooperation on our new Twitter page. We're going all high-tech. Search for ivfoodcoop and you can stay up to date on... well... lots of things, i guess. I think that Twitter will be the most updated sector of our online blogging/facebooking/tweeting, as far as sale items, new items, samples that you should come in and eat, and that kind of stuff. What do you think?

Something New and Exciting!

We're grinding our own nut butters now! Look for organic cashew butter in the grab & go cooler, $7.99/lb. More custom nut butters to follow :)

a new idea for new stuff!

i'm going to try and post new items that the Co-op is getting in on a regular basis. so, here goes:

today we're stocking a new gluten-free raisin pecan bread, raw cultured vegetables (kimchi), and black forest berry honest tea!
also look for new prepared raw foods in our cooler on monday, wednesday, and friday afternoons.
that's all for now, stay tuned for more!

Are You on Facebook?

If so, become a fan of the Isla Vista Food Co-op! I just rolled out the new page, and will be using it similarly to the blog, but with more Facebook specific updates and such. Check it out! (just do a search for the Isla Vista Food Co-op page, it should pop right up). If you can't find it, email marketing@islavistafood.coop.

The Co-op in the Daily Sound!

Thanks to Colby Frazier for writing this awesome article about the Co-op in the Daily Sound Green Edition (printed last Saturday)!. Follow the link to read the article online. http://www.thedailysound.com/041309IVFoodCo-op

10% Off Member-Owner Appreciation Coupons!

Don't forget, your Owner Appreciation coupons roll out this Monday. Both people on your Owner Account may receive 1 coupon, as long as valid identification is presented at the register (and your secondary member is entered in the system). If you are hoping to place a Special Order please place it as soon as possible. To receive your extra 10% discount, your Special Order must be in-store no later than April 22nd.

Gluten-Free Shopping at the Co-op!

At long-overdue last, we have completed our comprehensive Gluten-Free Shopping Guide! This brochure includes an exhaustive list of all items in our Grocery/Refrigerated departments that are considered "gluten-free". Again, it's important to note that no bulk products are included on this list. We feel that if you have a severe food allergy, buying at any bulk department (unless it's certified allergy-free) can run a risk. So, we've included everything but the bulk. If you feel that your gluten intolerance isn't to the point where traces of gluten can cause a reaction, feel free to ask Co-op staff about which products in bulk are basically gluten-free. Thanks!
Click Here to Download

Owner Appreciation Coupons!

It's that time again, the time where we say "thank you" to all of our Member-Owners for supporting this little Co-op by the sea. In our favorite new tradition, we will be offering you a 10%-off-a-shopping-trip-coupon that you can redeem any time at your leisure between Monday April 13th through Sunday April 26th. Look for coupons at the registers starting that Monday. Please remember that we cannot issue you a coupon without proper ID (a current Co-op Membership Card or Photo ID). If you have a secondary member, please make sure that they are correctly in our Membership System so they can receive their coupon as well. If you need to update your secondary member, please fill out a "Change of Secondary Member" form at the register, no later than 4/1/09

If you have any questions, please email marketing@islavistafood.coop