July Co-op Advantage Sales Flier

Click here to download the July CAP Sales Flier. These sales are for everyone, not only owners. Don't forget about all of our in-store sales that you can also take part in, stop by and check them all out!

July Owner Advantage Sales!

Click here to download the July Owner Advantage Sales Flier. These sales are only for current Co-op Owners. Don't forget about our 10% off shopping day this friday, not just for owners... for everyone!

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Bulk Up at the Co-op!

Did You Know?
Buying in bulk is a great way to save money and resources. For example, if you're a creative kitcheneer who likes culinary experimentation, rather than buying a whole jar of a kooky spice that you may never use again, you can just buy a few teaspoons of that spice out of our bulk herbs & spice selection. So you can save a few dollars toward that bottle of truffle oil.
Click this link download our Bulk Buying Guide for more tips and tricks to make your transition to saavy bulk shopper even easier.

Save Goleta's Farmland! You Can Help!

The County of Santa Barbara is in the process of updating the 1993 Community Plan. According to the Goleta Valley Planning Advisory Committee (GVPAC),
"Urban Agriculture shall be preserved unless:
* the County makes findings that the land is no longer appropriate for agriculture or
* there is an overriding public need for conversion to other uses for which there is no other land available in the Goleta urban area."

The Goleta farmlands that are at risk of being developed include:
* South Patterson
* Christmas Tree Farm
* San Marcos/Hollister Ave

Farmland in California and all over the US is being paved over at an alarming rate and the cost of imported food will continue to rise as gas prices rise. The quality of imported food cannot be monitored as easily as our local food. We are already dependent on foreign gas, do we want to be dependent on foreign food too?

If you are concerned about saving our local farmland, protecting our community's food supply, and preserving our community's health, please sign our petition and let your local government know how you feel.
click this link to be directed to the petition site:

Owner Sales Flier Oops!

Oops! Something went wrong in the design of our June Owner Sales Flier! A few prices were aligned improperly, and that mucked everything up! Click here to download the corrected version of the flier. Sorry if this has caused confusion.

Super Special June Grocery Sales!

Rice Dream Enriched Quarts: case of 12 w/ $3.50 coupon: $16.49! only $1.39 each!
Santa Cruz Organic Limeade, Lemonade, Mango Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade Quarts: case of 12 only $17.25 ($1.49 each!)
Honest Tea 16oz: only 99cents!
Equal Exchange Grind-Your-Own-Coffee: $7.99/lb!
Living Harvest Hemp Milk: $2.99 each

New for June for YOU!

In the refrigerator:
Greek Gods Lebni Kefir Cheese: member sale $3.19 (reg $3.59)
Kozy Shack Tapioca Pudding and Rice Pudding: sale $2.69
Organic Valley Eggs 6-pack: sale $1.99
Rachel's Yogurt: Vitality Pomegranate: member sale 99cents (reg $1.25)
Rachel's Yogurt: Revive Peach Green Tea: member sale 99cents (reg $1.25)
In the Freezer:
Dr. Praeger's California Veggie Burgers
Cedarlane Tomato Basil Foccacia: member sale $3.49 (reg. $4.69)
Dominex Eggplant Burgers: member sale $3.85 (reg. $4.35)
Vicolo Cornmeal Crust Pizza: sale $5.55 (2-pack) WE ARE REALLY STOKED ABOUT THESE!!!
Kinnikinnik Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffin: member sale $3.69 (reg $5.29)
Kinnikinnik Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Muffin: member sale $3.69 (reg $5.29)
Rising Moon Grilled Veggie Pizza: sale $6.69

and in the Bulk Department:
bulk spaghetti: $3.35/lb!

June Owner Advantage Sales Flier!

Click this link to download the Owner Advantage Sales Flier. You need to be a current Co-op Owner to take advtage of these sales, so if you're not... what a perfect time to join your local Co-op! Don't forget about the many other sales available during the month: Co-op Advantage and In-Store sales make up hundreds of amazing deals on your favorite items!

June Co-op Advantage Sales Flier!

Click this link to download our June Co-op Advantage Sales Flier! These sales are for everyone, not only owners. And don't forget about the many in-store sales not on this flier! Come and check out the savings.