Fresh the Movie Tomorrow!

Don't forget! The movie will be screened at 7pm, and there will be lots of organizations and groups tabling at 6pm (including the Co-op...with free snacks!).

USDA Secretary Vilsack at Organic Dairy Emergency Rally—Commits to Fairness/Enforcement Crackdown on Factory Farms

From the Cornucopia Institute...

Bottled water at four times the price of milk??? Witness organic dairy farmers, sometimes tearfully, pleading their case to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack …. and the Secretary appears at the rally and directly responds. Powerful!

The rally took place on July 16 at the La Crosse County Fairgrounds in West Salem, Wisconsin.

Vilsack was gracious in his response to the farmers and went on the record committing to leveling the playing field for small and medium-size producers, enforcing the organic standards and bringing in new management at the National Organic Program that shares our values. Now it is incumbent upon us to make sure that the Department follows through—on an immediate basis—this is a legitimate emergency!

Please blast this blurb and link ( out to family, friends and colleagues. We hope it will motivate farmers and consumers to stand in support with organic dairy farmers, many of whom face the loss of their land and farms due to a glut of milk from illegal factory dairies milking as many as 7200 cows each.

In the world of YouTube the more hits we can generate on this video, the higher the ranking, and the more people will be exposed to this crisis. Hopefully we will generate more patronage for organic dairy brands that exclusively buy their milk from family farmers as opposed to the factory farm scofflaws.

Our thanks to Greta Wing-Miller and Aarick Beher, of, for the dynamic, professionally-produced video production.

We must stand in solidarity with the hard-working dairy families whose livelihoods are now at risk.

Thanks very sincerely for your support!

Mark A. Kastel
Senior Farm Policy Analyst
The Cornucopia Institute

Fresh the Movie Coming to Goleta!!!

Fresh celebrates the farmers, thinkers, and business people across america who are re-inventing our food system. it's a call to action; it means to inspire its viewers to positive change. Come to the screening on Tuesday, July 28th at the Goleta Valley Community Center. snacks and conversations start at 6pm, film at 7pm! $5-10 suggested donation.

5679 Hollister Avenue
Goleta CA.

email for more information

Wellness and Body Care Sale For EVERYONE!

Hey there!
I have another great announcement for all of you!
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Take care!

We got Guerillas! It's official! And in print!

Hello all!
Since Melissa, our wonderful marketing and store manager, is on vacation, I thought I would sneak on here and show you all a treat! In the past several months, Melissa has been working on an article at the request of Cooperative Grocer Magazine! They asked her to write a piece about guerilla marketing and its techniques that appeal to customers without the boring print and television ads.

Well here it is! Hot off the press! You can check out her article online, or subscribe to Cooperative Grocer Magazine if that's your thing!

(Copy and paste this address...I'm not tech savvy :-/)

The article has some great facts and analysis about our wonderful Isla Vista Community! We are so proud of Melissa! We hope you enjoy!

And come in and say "Hi"!

Chill/Frozen Manager

10% Off Support Your Independent Day at the Co-op!

Come one, come all to the first "Support Your Independent Day" at the Co-op!. We're inviting anyone and everyone to come shopping at the store at 10% off!
You heard that right: this one is not just for Co-op Owners.
We recognize that everyone is being affected by the downturn in the economy, and we want to offer everyone in the community an opportunity to stock up for less.

July 3rd, 8am-10pm, everything in the Co-op (minus items already on deep discount) will be 10% off!

Come check out the store if it's been awhile. See old friends, make new friends. Eat samples. And stock up for 10% off.

The Sunflower Seed Online...

Click here to download our newest Co-op News addition, the Sunflower Seed! This edition includes a look at the past few financial quarters, an update on co-op outreach & education, farmer spotlight, staff spotlight, and so much more! Look for printed editions around goleta, santa barbara, isla vista, and on campus at UCSB at many free publication kiosks.

Let us know how you feel! If we get a good community response, we'll keep the newspaper a'comin'!