And Then it Was All Over...

But how fun it was!!!!! For everyone who came, hung out, ate, ate pie without their hands really fast, danced, played, played music, played with the wandering turkey, pet the giant pig, bake-offed, crafted, used their hands for something out of the ordinary, helped out, helped set up, helped clean-up, helped make a child smile... for everyone that came to the 2nd Annual Co-op Country Fair, we hope that you had as much fun as we all did.

See you next year.

look for pictures coming up soon!

and if you took pictures, please email them to us!

Co-op Country Fair Update!

The Country Fair is this Saturday! If you're thinking of entering the bake-off... DO IT!!! These forms will be available at the bake-off table, so don't worry about bringing one.
It's just for your reference.
Potential Photo Op: Hami, our pig ambassador, will be hanging out in his trailer all day. He's a loved pet of a family coming down from Buellton, and he'll be representing all piggy friends... and he's friendly enough to feed and pet! YES!

new stuff!!!!

we are now stocking:
1. local bee pollen (4 and 8oz containers)
2. super awesome handmade corn-wheat tortillas (in the bread refrigerator)
3. and soon to be on the shelf (in the refrigerator) VEGETARIAN MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!
4. also soon to be on the shelf: lots of new feminine care stuff, including cycle beads, lunar moon calendars, sea sponge tampons in different sizes, and more fun stuff!

For Anyone Writing a Paper or Article About the Co-op:

We love when the Co-op comes up in classes or in the media, and it's awesome to be considered such a great resource for your papers and articles! Please please please click on the "if you're writing a paper about the co-op" link to the right (on the sidebar of the blog) and download this information first and foremost, as it will give you a general overview of many of our frequently asked questions. You should also download the current issue of our newspaper, as this is a great resource for general "culture of the co-op" information.
If you are planning on coming in and interviewing Co-op staff, please call or email ahead of time. The staff is happy to talk, but cannot ensure the time and attention that you and your project deserves unless you take the time to schedule something ahead of time.

Come On Down to the Co-op Country Fair!

we had so much fun last year, we're doing it again!

look for more information and updates as the fair date gets closer!

Food, Inc at UCSB's Campbell Hall Tomorrow Night... Twice!

Showing at UCSB's Campbell Hall Thursday, October 8th at 7:30 and 9:30pm! The Co-op will be tabling with a bunch of other like-minded organizations.
General public $6/ UCSB students $5
visit arts & lectures for more information

The Eat Local Challenge Has Begun!

Come to the store and sign the pledge sheet. Let everyone know how local YOU can go! We also have a resource guide available. You can download an online version HERE or pick one up in the store. Here are some other great resources:

1. Edible Santa Barbara & the Farmer's Market are also co-sponsoring a Santa Barbara wide challenge. You can link up with their Google Group HERE.

2. For a complete schedule of all SB County Farmer's Markets, click HERE.

3. for those of you who are feeling epicurious, there are tons of events happening throughout santa barbara in october. Click HERE for a listing of all events that will fulfill your local gastronimic curiosity.

4. and finally... come to the Co-op to see our foodshed mural! it's almost done and it looks AMAZING! we've never been more excited about the bounty of local farmers and producers right here in our own foodshed! then, thank dylan for designing and painting (and madia for also painting) this beautiful piece of art.

October Member Advantage Sales!

Click here to download the October Member-Owner Advantage Sales Flier. You must be a current owner of the Co-op to partake in these sales. Don't forget about Co-op Advantage Sales, In-Store Sales, and COUPONS!!! Often an item will have both a coupon AND a sale, so you'll save bigtime! (for october, coupon + sale = larabars for 59cents!)