Please note that if you are planning on attending tonight's Board of Director's meeting, the location has been changed. We will be meeting here at the Co-op, in the back warehouse. All Co-op Owners are always invited to attend regular Board meetings to hear about your Co-op financials, future plans, and more!
(the above photo is of the very first food co-op board of directors, the Rochdale Pioneers, who ran their Toad Lane Food Co-op for over 100 years before it was turned into a museum!)
Click here to download the full Member Advantage Sales Flier for this week. These sales are for current Co-op Owners only.

Fiscal Year Ending 2009 Letter to Member-Owners

Click here to download the annual Letter to Our Members from your Board of Directors. This letter is in reference to the fiscal year ending 2009, or Ocotber 1st 2008 - September 30, 2009. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them on the blog or email Melissa at

Click here to download the complete Member-Advantage Sales flier for this week! These sales are for current Member-Owners of the Co-op only.

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April Co-op Advantage Sales Flier!

A little late, but worth the wait! Click here to download the full April Co-op Advantage Sales Flier. These sales are for everyone, not only Co-op Owners.
Click here to download the full Member Advantage Sales Flier for this week! A new addition to the flier is our calculation of your department savings! Now you can see exactly how much you can save each week as a Co-op Owner if you shop from your sales flier!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S TODAY!!!!!!!

We did it! After asking for over a year, Organic Pastures Raw Dairy
is adding the Co-op to their route!
Starting TODAY, April 8th, you'll be able to buy your Organic Raw Dairy here!!! We're expecting the delivery sometime early this afternoon.
Feel free to call the Co-op to check on its status. 968-1401.