Co-op Owners!
Have you VOTED yet?
Articles of Incorporation 2018 Update!
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Our Board of Directors are proposing changes that include:

· Growing total owner shares available
· Extending voting rights to Class C owner shares
· Aligning our Articles with current best-practices around total Board seats.
· Aligning our current DBA with our recorded business name

YOUR VOTE MATTERS to pass these important changes!

How do members vote to approve the updated 2018 Articles of Incorporation?
Voting is open October 15th through the November 30th.  One vote per membership.  You can vote any of these 3 ways:
·         in store on paper ballots
·         in person at the Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday October 21st at 5pm

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Your Board of Directors can answer those questions.  Email us at or attend the Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday October 21st.