October is Fair Trade Month!
Did you know that you as a consumer can have a positive impact on social and economic equity within the global food system?  A great place to start is by looking for Fair Trade certifications on product labels during your next shopping trip. Many of our favorite food items—Coffee!  Chocolate!  Sugar!  Coconuts! & Bananas!—are sourced from outside the US, often from countries in the Global South where fair labor and wage standards may be scarce or poorly-enforced in the face of international business interests.  Widespread exploitation often results from these power dynamics. Thus, the Fair Trade movement’s basic goal is to prevent exploitation by guaranteeing producers in developing countries a fair price for their products,  ensuring the ethical treatment of workers, and encouraging environmentally sustainable production practices. 
 There are many organizations that offer Fair Trade certification, and the process involves a thorough audit by a third-party, Click HERE to learn more. 
There are also multiple Fair Trade logos to watch out for while grocery shopping which can help guide your purchasing practices toward more fair, & equitable options whenever possible. Trade certifications vary slightly from one company to the next! Click HERE for a useful guide to each logo’s specific standards, Fair 

Your Dollars Doing Good:
Alter Eco, Equal Exchange, Dr. Bronner’s and more! Your dollars are supporting ethically-minded companies and the hard-working farmers they partner with for shared success!
Talk & Taste:
Learn about how the Co-op supports Fair Trade every day during our Fair Trade Coffee & Banana Bread Break or Chocolate Tasting!
-Allison, Sustainability Coordinator @ Isla Vista Food Co-op