Board of Directors

The Isla Vista Food Co-op is currently governed by a 7-seat Board of Directors elected by our owners (YOU!) annually in February.  Each Board Member is elected for a 2 year term, and there is currently no limit on how many terms a director can run for.

From your Community-Owner Elected Co-op Board of Directors:

IVFC Owners,

The Isla Vista Food Co-operative stands in solidarity with our Black community members and in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement of healing justice-centered work toward a Santa Barbara where Black lives are centered and uplifted.

We acknowledge the legacy of violent injustice against the Black community, including police brutality, that has brought us to this moment. We acknowledge that the history of our food system includes the systematic oppression of forced Black labor on stolen indigenous land.

As rooted in our Strategic Priority of "Community Advocacy" and the Cooperative Principle of "Concern For Community," your co-op is committed to anti-racist work.  The Board is in the process of writing to the SB City Council to support the demands of Black Lives Matter Santa Barbara and has donated funds to the local chapter.  Going forward, the Board is committed to working with local Black organizers to learn how the IVFC can support their needs in the area of food justice. 

Your Board of Directors supports acts of solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter Santa Barbara. If you are not already involved, we encourage you to contact #BlackLivesMatter Santa Barbara and Showing Up For Racial Justice Santa Barbara.  Another way you can take action is to support partners and organizations on the frontlines listed here:

In cooperation,

Your Board of Directors

Please email for more information or questions.    


The primary responsibility of the Co-op's Board is to to provide overall strategic direction and ensure the long-term security and viability of the Co-op.   The Board is voted for by the Co-op's ownership and represents the collective voice of the active owner body.

The Board develops the policies that govern the work of the Directors as well holds fiduciary responsibility for the long-term health of the Co-op.  The Board hires the General Manager, who oversees all operations of the Co-op.  

The Board is not involved in daily Co-op operations, but instead uses it's policies to ensure that the General Manager is operating in conjunction with the larger goals set by the Board.

Co-op Owners can choose to be involved in the governance of the Co-op in several ways. Aside from voting in our annual election, Co-op owners may also attend Board of Directors meetings, sit on Board committees or run for the Board!

 Any questions or communications can be sent directly to our board president Lisa at!

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