Board of Directors

The Isla Vista Food Co-op is currently run by a 7-seat Board of Directors elected by our owners (YOU!) annually in February.  Each Board Member is elected for a 2 year term, and there is currently no limit on how many terms a director can run for.

The primary responsibility of the Co-op's Board is to be legally accountable for the actions of the Isla Vista Food Co-op, to provide overall direction and ensure the long-term security and viability of the Co-op, and to make decisions in the best interests of the Co-op and it's entire membership.

The Board is responsible for developing policies necessary to carry out the duties of the Board and the functions of the Co-op.

Co-op Owners can choose to be involved in the governance of the Co-op in several ways. Aside from voting in our annual election, Co-op owners may also attend Board of Directors meetings, sit on Board committees or run for the Board!

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We are currently in our 2016 and beyond Strategic Planning Process!  

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