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This is YOUR store, and we are happy to help with everything from questions to special orders. The most efficient way to ensure that you reach the best possible person to help you is to email that manager directly for any requests or questions!

If you still don't know who to contact about your specific question, please email Melissa our General Manager!

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Store Departments:
For all general inquires including: Customer Service, Owner Services, and other general requests (not department specific):


Merchandising Manager Steve:

Grocery Manager Miles:

Beverage Buyer:

Bulk Buyer: Steve

Wellness/Body Care

Homewares/Non-Food Merchandise

Produce Manager George

Co-op Deli & Catering
Deli Manager Dana:

Special Orders & 
Business/Buyer's Club Program

Volume Purchasing Coordinator Zina:

Administrative Managers

Bookkeeper Pradip:

POS/IT Manager Tyler:

Human Resources Manager Ava:

Outreach & Education Manager Chuy:

Store Manager Reb:

General Manager Melissa:

Your Co-op Board of Directors is also available to answer questions:

Board President Lisa

Co-op Phone (805) 968-1401
Co-op Fax (805) 968-0202