We are always looking for inspired team members that want to contribute to a community-owned business and are passionate about fair and equitable work places.

Now Hiring!!!
 Store Manager
Salary: $50,000 per year (Exempt Position)
Benefits: Health, Vision and Dental coverage 

We are currently seeking an experienced professional to fill the role of Store Manager at the IV Food Co-op! Primary responsibilities include oversight of store operations (including maintenance of equipment and store cleanliness), scheduling, training, safety, personnel management and strategic planning. This is a full-time retail position that requires the ability and willingness to work 3 to 4 floor shifts per week as well 
as execute the administrative part of this position at a high level. 

 The Store Manager will share on-call duties throughout the week with another senior manager and must be available  to work some nights and weekends. This role is integral to the growth and success of our workplace as our management team endeavors to build a horizontal leadership structure

While we are currently operating with a traditional hierarchical model, our 8-person management team is working with the IVFC Board of Directors to form a management collective that will be overseen directly by our Board. We are looking for someone who has experience in collaborative team leadership and/or project management, and is willing to put in the work that's necessary to help facilitate this transition.

*Check out our Zip Recruiter Posting for full job description*

Requirements for this position include: 3 years in personnel management and team building, 3 years in retail/customer service positions, 3 years in physical plant maintenance/operations of a retail space, restaurant, or venue. Financial management experience is preferred but not required. 

The ideal candidate is community-minded, mission-driven and can see themselves working with us for several years to help further our mission, vision, and values.

**Please share this posting widely! We know we have some super-star candidates in our community, so we are offering $25 gift cards to those who refer a qualified candidate to us by May 20th!**
Candidates should apply through Zip Recruiter and expect to hear back within 2 weeks.
                To connect with our hiring team about a recommendation contact: hr@islavistafood.coop                           

Hiring for Summer! 
Part-Time & Full-Time Grocery Clerks

These entry level positions start at $13 per hour. 
 Part-Time staff enjoy a 20% Employee Discount and bonus food benefits. We offer flexible scheduling and opportunities for advancement for all entry level positions. 

Applicants must be available to work a minimum of 18 hours per week and be available to work a combination of morning, night and weekend shifts.

To apply:

1. Download an application here. 

2. Save the application to your computer and “Save As” with you first and last name as the file name (ex. TaylorDiaz).

3. Fill out the application directly on the computer and then save the completed application.*

4. E-mail the completed application to staff@islavistafood.coop with your full name and the position(s) you are applying for as the subject line.

*If you are unable to fill out the form on a computer, you may fill out a printed copy and e-mail a scanned copy of the application or drop off your application at the store. If you have any other technical issues while applying, please contact us at the e-mail listed above.

What's it like to work at the Co-op?

We love hiring people that are looking for something more than merely a place to work, because the Co-op is the sort of place that may get into your heart and keep you for a while. Some of us have worked here for 5, 10, or 20 years and we're still excited to be here! 

Along with a dynamic working environment, IVFC staff enjoy the following employee benefits:
20% discount on all Co-op purchases
Paid Sick Time (All Employees)
Paid Vacation (Full-time Employees)
Health, Dental & Vision Coverage (Full-time Employees)
Flexible Scheduling
Professional Growth & Development Opportunities

If you love service with a smile, have a "can-do" sort of attitude, know how to have fun while also working hard, and want to learn lots about natural foods, cooperative business and our local food community, you'll love working at the food co-op!

Application Process Details 

Please allow up to 30 days for a response after submitting you application. While we wish we could respond to every applicant, the large volume of applications we receive prevents us from being able to do so. If the hiring manger has selected you for an interview, you will be contacted with the information you provided. If your contact information or availability changes at any time, please submit a new application.
Applications will be kept on file for one year from the application date. You may rescind your application at any time. As job openings occur, we will screen through the applications on file. We may also solicit additional applications by posting within the store, through newspapers, or online. If you see a specific job posted that interests you, you are welcome to submit a new application highlighting skills specific to that position.