Special Orders & Volume Purchasing

For more information about each of our Volume Purchasing options, please see below!

Special Orders  

 Available to Owners as well as the general public. 
The S/O Program allows you to order full cases or bulk bags of anything available to us in the United Natural Foods Catalog.   Owners are eligible to receive 15% off any regularly priced cases and Non-Owners are eligible to receive 10% off any regularly priced cases.  Case quantities are 6 if only available by the each (ie Wellness Items).

 You can place your Special Order over the phone or in-store.  Please have your membership card available if you're an Owner placing an order.  In-store, simply ask a Co-op Employee for a Special Order form.  Your order will usually arrive within the week, unless we are unable to receive it due to an out-of-stock or other extenuating circumstance.

 Buyer's Club
The Buyer's Club program is offered to groups or individuals who wish to purchase foodstuffs and home supplies in case and bulk pack quantities.  You must be an Owner of the 
Co-op to participate in a Buyer's Club.

Business to Business
Our Business to Business program (B2B) offers ingredients and supplies in bulk quantities to local businesses for manufacturing and/or resale. Due to the very low mark-up and limited customer-service abilities associated with our B2B program, you must have email access to participate.  

You must be a fully invested ($150 full-share) Co-op Owner with appropriate proof of business and resale certificates to participate in this program.

Both Buyer's Club and B2B programs are designed to establish long term, mutually beneficial relationships between our food cooperative and households, organizations, and businesses that comprise and build our community.  Both options offer significant savings compared with shelf prices. 

Please contact our Volume Purchasing Coordinator for more information about our Special Orders Program: volume@islavistafood.coop