Welcome to October! It's both National Fair Trade Month, and Co-op Month!
Look for sales throughout the month from companies who reflect product lines in both of these capacities. Companies include:
  • Blue Diamond Almond Grower's Co-op (Almond Breeze)
  • Equal Exchange Fair Trade Worker's Co-op (Coffee, Chocolate, Tea)
  • Pachamama Fair Trade Farmer's Co-op (Coffee).
There are lots of other Fair Trade items all around the store, including teas, coffees, sugars, grains, bananas and pineapples, and more! Look for the "fair trade" symbol (pictured above) to help guide your choices.

Some of our favorite cooperatively owned companies with great products also include Organic Valley & Organic Prairie (the brand name of farms part of the CROPP cooperative), Frontier (fair trade herbs/cooperatively owned), Once Again Nut Butters, AK Press (worker's collective- books & t-shirts), and the Slingshot Collective (new organizers coming next week!). Go Co-op!