We're doing it again! Enter the Co-op Country Fair Bake-Off and win prestige and fame! And a coveted prize :) Entries are accepted in several categories: vegan cookie, cake, pie, and "other" as well as not vegan cookie, cake, pie, and "other". Please bring your entry to the Bake-Off table and register with our Bake-Off Master Steve (or anyone else staffing the table). You will receive the form above (don't worry about bringing your own, we'll have them at the table) in order to determine which category or categories that you want to be considered for. It's also required that you bring a list of the ingredients in your recipe (but not the complete recipe, unless you want to share). Entries need to be on the table no later than 2:30pm (but exceptions may be made). Judging commences at 3pm. Bake-Off entrants are the first to be invited to the Grand Eating Event (consumption of all entries post-judgement). For more information, please email marketing@islavistafood.coop. See you there!!!!