A lot has been happening here at our little Co-op by the Sea in the past three weeks!
We've welcomed the beginning of a new school year for our UCSB students, and all that comes with ramping up our store to increase our business by 30% overnight.  We've begun our first internship program with 4 talented and bright students.  And we've begun the process of something historic and face-changing for our store:

Yesterday I (Melissa, your General Manager) signed a Purchase Agreement with our property owner to buy our building, our home for the past 32 years. 

This project fell from the sky three weeks ago, with a turnaround time so fast that your Board of Directors and myself have been in meetings almost daily working through pieces of this puzzle.  We determined quickly that purchasing our building would be the best possible option for solidifying our future in this community.   There is much work to do, including some very high-level fundraising goals to achieve in order to make this dream a reality.

Your Annual General Membership Meeting is coming up on October 21st at 4pm here at the Co-op.  We request your presence as we discuss this project, and what it means for our near and long-term future.  We will also be discussing our upcoming Board Elections.  This stands to be a powerful, inspiring, and exciting few months, and there hasn't been a chance like this before for you to be part of our history AND future!  Please attend your meeting.  We'll be providing food and children's activities.  We're also looking into music and a beer/wine permit for the day.  More details to come next week!  Please feel free to email me with any questions: gm@islavistafood.coop.  There's so much more I could say about what's about to unfold, but I'll save it for our meeting.