The Co-op is CLOSED until Friday, December 30th!

The co-op crew will be on-site beginning Thursday afternoon to clean the store and begin moving back in. 

We will reopen at 8am on Friday, and will be continuing the process of moving inventory back into the store.

We estimate it taking 1 week to have everything back on the shelves, including many deliveries that need to be received as we've worked to reduce inventory this month.

Produce and Bulk will be fully restocked by Friday AM/mid-day, along with some grocery items.  And we'll have coffee and yerba mate hot and ready!

The remainder of grocery and perishables will be stocked by Sunday.  This does not include any deliveries from our smaller vendors, which will take the rest of next week to receive.

The Kitchen will be working to restock the shelves with basic items (sandwiches, wraps, hummus) beginning Friday morning.  Please be patient with our people-power, as starting from scratch in a fresh ingredients kitchen takes time.

We apologize for any inconvenience.  However we're also excited to not have billions of termites eating our building!  See you Friday xoxo!

Monday night, so much more to clear out.

When we ran out of boxes....

Steve, Elias, and a lot of stuff packed into a shipping container.