Co+op Basics/F.L.O.W.E.R

F.L.O.W.E.R.- Fresh,Local,Organic Within Everyone's Reach

We have been working diligently in order to make sure that we’re offering an in-store shopping and learning experience that reflects value, whether that value be through programs that reduce the prices of certain items in the store, or through added value that can be gained with more knowledge about how best to shop at the Co-op!

Scroll Below for more information about how we're helping FLOWER grow at the Co-op! 

 And look for all of these ways that we're excited to help you grow your knowledge, access, and budget in our Co-op and around the community:

 Co+op Basics
Co+op Deals Bi-Weekly Flier and Bi-Monthly Coupon Book
 Cal-Fresh Sign-Ups at the Co-op
Grocery Store 101 Budget and Planning Shopping Tours
UCSB Food, Nutrition & Basic Skills Program
Isla Vista Tenant's Union Gaucho Food Program Food Distribution
Isla Vista Youth Project Healthy School Pantry Distribution
and more!

Cal-Fresh Sign-ups Weekly on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00-7:00pm @ the Co-op.  

Are you shopping on a Cal-Fresh ($50/week) or Limited Income Budget? 
for how best to spread your monthly food budget, 
from pantry staples to incorporating fresh produce, and more!

FLOWER in the Community:

Over the past four years, we have made it a priority of our Co-op to grow our reach through programs that bring awareness around food access to our community.  

Listed below are some of the ways in which we’re working to offer information, education and outreach in order to cultivate and engage a wide spectrum of people into this important dialogue.

**Spring 2017 Update** -- GFP is transitioning to a quarterly distribution.  Look for GFP as a pop-up larger-scale distro.  We'll share event specifics as each quarter is available.

We are a proud founding participant in the UCSB Global Food Initiative Food, Nutrition, Basic Skills Program.  Our quarterly workshop participation helps share practical resources for students learning to grocery shop and food plan on a budget.

We are a Proud Participant and Steward of:
IV Youth Project Healthy School Pantry 
Associated Students Foodbank
UC Global Food Initiative
Food, Nutrition, Basic Skills Curriculum
SB County Foodbank Kid's Farmer's Market 
Gaucho Food Program 
Community Food Impact Internship Program
CalFresh Advocacy and Sign-Ups at the Co-op