Education & Outreach Programs

Our Education & Outreach is one of the most important branches at our Co-op! It's the avenue in which we are most able to integrate and give back to our community. The team currently consists of our Marketing and Outreach Coordinator and Outreach Assistant, who help promote different pillars of our outreach priorities.

Outreach allows us to weave stories and welcome diverse populations in Isla Vista through education, food access, events, and fun along the way! We host an array of events and workshops revolving around art, expression, sustainability, budgeting, social justice, youth engagement, gardening, and food demonstrations! 

You may have seen us pop up on the UCSB campus, been to our budgeting workshops, seen us at community food distributions, open mics, gardening or composting events, learned something new from us at community events or social justice conferences, or maybe you've just gotten a free snack through our guerrilla marketing! Regardless we hope you enjoyed whatever we were able to offer and left with a snack and coupon!

We are continually striving to adapt our Outreach strategies to the added challenges of the changes wrought by the pandemic this year - much of our programming has been paired-down and moved to online platforms.  Please follow us on social media (@islavistafoodcoop on Instagram and Facebook) to keep up with our content-sharing until we can get back to our usual way of doing things!

We also love collaborating with any other organizations or events that align with our mission and strategic priorities, feel free to send a message to our Marketing and Outreach Coordinator Allison ( if you ever want to reserve the patio for any events, or if you want us to be a part of your vision!

For any questions email Allison
Marketing & Outreach Coordinator: