Special Orders & Volume Purchasing

Here at the Isla Vista Food Co-op, we encourage everyone to buy their favorite items by the case or bag size and receive a discounted price. Buying food in bulk quantities has a variety of benefits! We currently offer Special Orders throughout the whole Co-op, including on grocery, bulk, chill/frozen, and produce!

Special Orders:

Special orders can be placed for any UNFI (our distributor) items in the store. Items are sold by the case, or in single units depending on availability through our distributor. Non-owners receive 10% off of the case price and Co-op owners receive 15% off. Payment is due upon pick up of special order. We encourage orders to be picked up within three days of receiving.

Please contact our Volume Purchasing Coordinator for questions regarding item availability, pricing, etc.: specialorder@islavistafood.coop

See below for our Special Order Forms - these can be filled out in-store, or you may call/email about an order and we can assist in filling out the form for you!

Business-to-Business and Buying Club:

Our Business-to-Business program is open to local businesses that would like to source items through our distributor with discounted pricing. An application is required to join the B2B program (see email address below to request application). If your application is approved, a $150 full Co-op membership fee and permits/certificates requested on application will need to be submitted. There is no order minimum - you can order as little or as much as you need. B2B pricing will strictly be limited to items ordered for business purposes only. Misuse of ordering can result in B2B access being revoked. Special Orders can still be placed through your Business account, but will only receive 15% off case price.

***We are not currently accepting new B2B customers. Our VPC will work on resuming applications by October 2021***

Our Buying Club is ideal for groups of people interested in purchasing items in bulk together. To join the buying club a $150 full Co-op membership (aka Ownership - see HERE for details and further benefits!) is required. This allows you to access B2B pricing. The order minimum for BC orders is 10 units. The order minimum can be met with anything, such as full cases, single units, or bulk bags.

Please contact our Volume Purchasing Coordinator for questions regarding the B2B application, pricing, etc.: volume@islavistafood.coop

Ordering Deadlines:

For a Monday delivery, submit order no later than Saturday at 12 pm

For a Wednesday delivery, submit no later than Monday at 12 pm

For a Saturday delivery, submit no later than Wednesday at 12 pm

Ordering deadlines are subject to change. We can’t guarantee the items will always arrive when requested due to distributor availability, but our VPC will do their best to find a solution.

Office Hours for getting questions about your Special Order or Volume Purchase addressed by our Volume Purchasing Coordinator, Katelyn:

Monday-Wednesday 9am-5pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 5pm-9pm

For non-office hours inquiry, please send an email to the correct email address (see above) - other staff members may not always have the answer to your questions :) 

Frequently Asked Questions!