Special Orders & Volume Purchasing

Here at the Isla Vista Food Co-op, we encourage everyone to buy their favorite items by the case or bag size and receive a discounted price. Buying food in bulk quantities, or special ordering, has a variety of benefits!  We currently offer Special Orders throughout the whole Co-op, including grocery, bulk, chill/frozen, deli and produce!  

COVID update--->  We are happily taking all special orders, buying club, and business order requests.  We can't guarantee that things will arrive, but we will try!

Here is how special ordering is good for you:
1) Save Money
Slash your grocery bill by special ordering your staples. Live in a shared household? Order toiletries/cleaning supplies for significantly less.

2) Save Time and consolidate shopping trips!
Ditch the weekly or even daily trip to the grocery store for your regular items.

3) Personal Accommodation
We can offer flexibility on case/bag sizing options better suited to your needs.  If there is a natural foods product not carried on our shelves, we can likely special order it or find something very similar.

4) Available for All
All customers can special order items for a discount. Co-op owners will receive 15% off a case as non-owners will receive 10% off a case.

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Click here to learn about Buying Clubs-->
for grocery, bulk, perishables and frozen orders
 MORE than 10 cases for family or communal food purchasing.

Click here to learn about enrolling in 
Business Wholesale-->
 for grocery, bulk, perishables and frozen orders meant for value-add, ingredients, and resale through your business.

If you're ready to enroll in our Business-to-Business Program, click here for your application!

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For all Produce Department Special Orders, including large volume or specialty items, please read below and email our Produce manager for more information!