What's a Co-op? Why Join?

What is a Co-op? 
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The Isla Vista Food Co-op is Santa Barbara County's only community-owned grocery store. The Co-op was founded over 40 years ago by students and Isla Vistans who wanted to ensure that the community would always have neighborhood access to high quality and affordable food, and that our local farmers and producers would have a dedicated store to sell to. The Co-op is open to the public and participates in many campus and community events to help share resources to make grocery shopping fun and affordable, and most importantly, to keep investing back into Isla Vista so that everyone can benefit from having a grocery store that everyone owns together. We've accepted Cal-Fresh (food stamps) since the day our doors opened in 1972.

How do Owner Benefits work?

1% Back Co-op Points:

Every time you make a regular purchase, you will earn Co-op Points equal to 1% of your transaction. These points are automatically stored in your owner account, so make sure you swipe your owner card every time you shop! You can then redeem your accrued points on any regular transaction. For example, if you’ve earned 500 Co-op Points, you may redeem them for $5.00 off any regular transaction at the Co-op.

Monthly Emailed Coupons: 

If you provide us with your email address and opt-in to email marketing, you will gain access to exclusive emailed coupons. These coupons are hassle-free—meaning the discount or promotion will be automatically applied to your owner account. You won’t need to print your email to redeem your coupon—just swipe your owner card next time you shop and your coupon will be automatically applied!

Buy 9 Get 1 Free Digital Deli Sandwich and Coffee Punch Card: 

These new digital punch cards are automatically associated with your owner account. This means you don’t need to remember to bring in a paper punch card—every time you buy a Co-op Deli sandwich or a cup of hot coffee or mate when your owner account is associated, the system will automatically record a punch for you! 

Please note, our coffee bar is currently closed per COVID health regulations so this benefit is temporarily suspended.

Terms and Limitations of We Own It Rewards Program:

No rewards may be exchanged for cash or gift card. All rewards are non-transferable. Volume purchases, catering orders, alcoholic beverages, gift cards, deposits, CRV, taxes, fees, and equity payments are excluded from reward accruals and redemptions. You must have a minimum of 100 Co-op Points in order to redeem them on a purchase. Co-op Points expire after one year. Monthly emailed coupons are valid only for the amount of time specified in the email. Rewards are subject to additional restrictions and specifications at any time, at the sole discretion of the Isla Vista Food Co-op.

Do I have to be an owner to get these benefits?

While everyone is welcome to shop and save money with our Co+op Deals and In-store Sales, the We Own It Rewards program is only for active owners who are up-to-date on their equity payments. Rewards will be applied to each active account. If you have a secondary shopper on your account, know that they will have access to your account’s coupons and points when they use your account’s owner card. If your secondary shopper would like access to their own rewards, they must create a new account under their own name.

These rewards sound great—how do I sign up?

Just come in and talk to a cashier! Equity payments are $150 to become an owner of the co-op—you may pay this in installments of $30 a year until you reach the full amount, and you're not required to ever pay the full $150 (you can choose to not renew your Ownership at any time, and Ownerships do not renew automatically). You will have access to We Own It Rewards every year you have made an active equity payment, and then all years afterwards as long as your equity is paid in full.